Guangzhou Sizheng Electronic Technology Co.,LTD., founded in 2010, and be the audio frequency solution provider of Chinese industry-leading at present, selling different audio surveillance for CCTV cameras and related products. As a domestic real audio scheme developer, Sizheng is committed to provide users with the most conforms to the actual demand plan and products. At present, Sizheng products and solutions have been used by more than 6000 companies in China and abroad.

Located in the beautiful city of “Yangcheng” Guangzhou Sizheng Technology is advancing at a strong pace, from the audio surveillance field to the IP network intercom system and network video conferencing system. From product design and development to the construction of a software system platform, Sizheng is developing in an orderly manner covering most of China. At present, Guangzhou Sizheng has set up offices in the Southwest, East China and Central China, with more than 300 dealers in various provinces and cities across the country. The perfect service system makes Sizheng's business far ahead of other industry peers in the fields of public security inspection, medical education, financial securities, and government administrative units.

With the tenet of “providing users with the most practical needs”, Sizheng Technology strives to provide users with the most affordable price while ensuring the quality of their products. From the procurement, assembly, packaging, sales and after-sales of the parts, Sizheng is able to buy the most reliable products with one-stop service. In the future, Sizheng will always adhere to independent research and development and innovation as the core driving force, and strive to build an "aircraft carrier" for China's audio research and development, and create a safe and beautiful life with technology!

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  • Our R&D department and production workshop allow us to provide our customers with high quality,competitively priced products,and to customize the security solutions to meet the needs of customers.We work with our customers to achieve a win-win goal through professionalism, innovation and quality services.

  • From domestic to foreign,from before cooperation to cooperation,from simple audio surveillance to audio and video monitoring systems,we will continue to help customers solve problems,provide professional technical support,tailor-made flexible security solutions for customers.

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