Bank Counter Audio Monitoring Solution

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  • Time: 2019-07-08


Bank counter digital surveillance system solution prohram will use the newest digital technology and network technology to bank surveillance system comprehensive, for increase the modernization level of bank surveillance, improve the working effectiveness, strengthen security protection, have an irreplaceable important role of deterrence and the fight against crime.
Bank business hall counter installation monitoring main features: camera unit, mainly including camera, lens, protective cover and bracket, installed on the upper side of the cabinet, can ingest the counter, the teller and take care of the depositors outside the counter, can be distinguished on the monitor the color and face value of the RMB. Audio: mainly audio monitoring devices, audio monitoring devices are omnidirectional cctv mic, and video recordings are different. We have limited consideration of the area near the sound source. We can install the bank counters with side walls. If it is closed, it can be installed inside and outside the glass. Install a audio monitoring devices to perform audio collection for the staff and the customer. Therefore, it is recommended to use the Sizheng COTT series audio monitoring devices, which are specially used for bank counters. High fidelity, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and maintenance. This way the sound can be stored separately or play separately.
The audio monitoring devices receives the live sound and transmits it to the DVR for recording in synchronization with the camera's screen. Due to the banking business requirements, singing and paying, the sound and image conform to further improve the reliability of error checking. At the same time, the picture and sound can be recorded synchronously, and the daily teller payment is recorded on the hard disk in real time, and can be saved for three months or longer for query calling.
In practical applications, the bank teller system monitoring system also has a variety of optional expansion plans, such as in the business hall: increase the omnidirectional camera, increase the emergency alarm and linkage function, etc. In the matching program, you need to add cameras, electric three Variable lens, indoor full-scale pan/tilt, medium-sized protective cover, foot switch, emergency button switch and alarm control host; the control of the pan/tilt and lens can be realized by the hard disk video recording host.



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