CCTV Audio Microphone Frequently Asked Questions (Q&A)

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  • Time: 2019-08-09

CCTV audio microphone frequently asked questions (Q&A)
Q: What is the CCTV microphone, what is the use?
A: A CCTV microphone is a device used to collect live sound and then transmit it to a back-end device. It needs a matching video server, audio capture card or DVR.

Q: What is the difference between a CCTV mic and a KTV microphone?
A: Sizheng CCTV mic adds a voltage regulator circuit, a frequency selection circuit, a front audio amplifier stage, a noise reduction level, and even a digital processor on the digital CCTV mic.

Q: What is the choice of the location of the CCTV microphone kit?
A: Generally speaking, we recommend that the CCTV microphone kit be installed in the center of the monitoring area to facilitate the collection of the sound of the entire scene.

Q: What are the CCTV audio mic cable connections?
A: The three-wire CCTV audio mic has a red line (positive power supply), black line (common), white line (audio positive); RCA female, RCA male.

Q: How do you monitor the audio surveillance microphone test to hear the sound?
A: The easiest way is to connect the two cores (red and black) to the positive and negative poles of the power supply; the two cores (white and black) hold the 3.5 metal joint position of the headphones by hand; then put the earphones into the ear. It can hear the live sound immediately.

Q: What are the classifications of CCTV mic?
A: According to directionality: omnidirectionality, single directionality. According to waterproof characteristics: indoor and outdoor. According to processing technology: analog, digital, noise reduction, non-noise reduction.

Q: Does the CCTV microphone kit need power?
A: The CCTV microphone kit is divided into an active pickup and a passive pickup. The difference is that the active pickup needs to be powered, usually three leads; the passive pickup does not need to be powered, only two leads.

Q: What are the power supply and power selection of the CCTV audio mic?
Answer: When installing, consider power efficiency and line loss. Try to use a power supply with a higher nominal value (recommend to use Sizheng professional power supply).

Q: How do you select a power supply for a hundred CCTV audio mics?
A: Sizheng CCTV audio mic is rated at 30 mA, as a factor of technology amplification, a 60 mA; 100 times 60 equals 6000 mA.

Q: How do you choose the correct CCTV mic?
A: Different places use different CCTV mic, although most CCTV mics are omnidirectional and highly sensitive. But there are different types of CCTV mics in different places.

Q: What is the selection and wiring of the audio surveillance microphone cable?
A: Sizheng audio surveillance microphone can use an ordinary 4-core telephone line, category 5 network twisted pair, shielded/unshielded signal cable, etc., but the transmission distance should not exceed 3 meters.

Q: How is the CCTV microphone kit used in audio and video surveillance?
A: The audio and video monitoring of the CCTV microphone kit includes the following two types: 1. The analog monitoring must be connected to the DVR (with audio) together with the camera. 2. The network monitoring system needs to enter the NVR through the network camera (audio interface).

Q: How do you choose different interface modes for different camera interfaces?
A: Network cameras generally have two types of MIC IN and LINE IN. LINE IN must be connected to an active CCTV audio mic.

Q: How does audio surveillance microphone power the POE?
A: If you need to use POE power supply, you need to add POE power supply module or add a separator to POE power supply.

Q: What if the CCTV mic has a howling?
A: The CCTV mic is too close to the live speaker of the scene or the speaker of the notebook to form a self-excited sound. Just put the live active speaker and the CCTV mic in the two different spaces.

Q: What if the CCTV microphone kit is noisy?
A: There are two kinds of environmental (background) noise and interference noise. Background noise cannot be eliminated. Noise reduction type CCTV mic is recommended to reduce noise. Interference noise can be chosen to replace the installation location or use high quality shielded cable to avoid.





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