CCTV Audio Microphone On the Highway Market Demand

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  • Time: 2019-09-04


        With the continuous development of the society, the function of the highway toll booth is not limited to the charge. It also undertakes a series of functions such as inquiring the type of goods, recording and inquiring key information. One of the most important tasks is to query and record past vehicles and maintain the communication in the control room. Traditional toll booth projects use gooseneck microphones and ordinary cctv microphone. There are several problems with the gooseneck microphone and the ordinary cctv audio microphone: it is easy to produce echo and whistle with the speaker. Echo and howling will greatly affect the communication between the booth and the control room. In this regard, Sizheng Technology has developed the Sizheng high-speed echo cancellation special cctv microphone for the special environment of highway toll booths, using advanced digital signal processor, combined with strong noise reduction speech algorithm and distributed echo cancellation algorithm, reverberation control algorithm, with dedicated analog audio output, can be directly connected to analog audio input and output interfaces such as DVR. As long as the product is installed in the center of the sentry box desktop and is 1 meter away from the speaker, the voice of the entire booth can be clearly picked up, and the sound of the speaker will not be reverberated and whistling. Let the toll collectors communicate more smoothly, as long as they are inside the booth, they can make intercom calls with the superior control room.


Sizheng cctv audio microphone as a high-speed booth echo cctv microphone, its full analog interface, omnidirectional pickup, strong noise reduction speech algorithm plus unique echo cancellation, making it easy to implant into the high-speed booth charging system, and its installation can be fixed, no need to move the gooseneck for intercom, also provides a good example for engineering wiring.

Sizheng cctv microphone were also commissioned by the Zhejiang Expressway Headquarters to carry out special developments for their requirements. In the future, it will be gradually opened in the other expressway systems.



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