CCTV Microphone Professional Power Supply

  • Provide a clean 12V/500mA DC regulated power supply for the microphone to avoid noise or sound quality degradation caused by improper power supply selection.
  • Provide standard sound distribution terminals (one auxiliary headphone jack and one terminal block) for single or multiple microphones.
  • Provide microphone sound loop through one into two out of the distribution function, you can also parallel multi-channel audio signal input (mixing effect).
  • The AGC sensitivity gain and ALC automatic level can be provided for the CCTV microphone (large clockwise and small counterclockwise).
  • This product is only used as a special adapter for the COTT series pickup head (three wires). It is easy to use and easy to connect.


Adapter panel and terminal block diagram:

        Front indication

  • PHONE: Headphone/speaker jack
  • VOL: Volume level adjustment button
  • PW: Power work indicator

        Rear panel

         V: The positive input of the microphone power supply (connected to the red line)

         G: CCTV microphone audio signal positive input (connected to white wire)

         A: CCTV microphone common (black line)

         G: CCTV microphone audio signal positive output

          A: CCTV microphone audio signal negative output


PW-V10 Parameters


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