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Where to buy cctv microphones? Do not hesitate, Sizheng is a good choice for you. As we all know, many companies produced CCTV cameras and part of cctv camera’s accessories but few companies specialized in CCTV microphone kits, but we are the professional voice monitors manufacturer. 
Security camera microphones is our main product, by usage environment, audio surveillance microphone can be divided into CCTV microphone outdoor and CCTV microphone indoor; according to product performance, it can distinguish omnidirectional microphones and directional microphones.
The CCTV microphone is a device for pickup the sound of the live environment and then transmitting it by electric signal to the back end device like DVR or NVR. Surveillance microphone is composed of a mic (microphone) and an audio amplifier circuit, directivity, sound pick up range and sensitivity are three important points of Audio surveillance microphone. Sizheng normal CCTV microphone is three wire interface, but we also have RCA interface and some Mic in interface, you can according to your CCTV cameras to choose the right interface. Surveillance microphone has different power supply mode, powered separately and powered with the cctv camera, the best way is to use professional power supply, it can reduce the noise and made voice more clearly. Sound monitoring are sound sensing device, many people will ask can CCTV microphone connect to CCTV camera directly? Here is the point that analog CCTV microphone can’t connect, the digital cctv camera needs to connect the Audio In interface cctv camera. We also produce the passive microphone for MIc in cctv cameras. Audio surveillance microphone has five series that can used in different environments and different quality level, customer should know about surveillance microphone more clearly before they purchase to prevent the occurrence of cctv audio mic product anomaly, no sound or echo.

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