Choose the Correct Installation Location for Better Audio Surveillance

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  • Time: 2019-05-13

Being able to face different complex environments, make noise reduction for some noise effects, and it can also be amplified while reproducing the human voice. The satisfactory sound collection effect of the audio monitor is indeed given to many units the great help in collecting sound evidence. However, at the same time, we also found that although some units and occasions have installed such monitoring devices, they have no quality problems and high performance, but the final sound monitoring effect is not satisfactory, then detailed analysis, the reason for this is mainly because the location where they are installed is not the most ideal location.

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   According to industry insiders, can you get the best audio surveillance effect, in addition to the performance and quality of the product will have an impact, the user installed somewhere also played a certain interference, therefore, choose the correct installation location, all units can a great guarantee for receiving the best monitoring results. Usually, in order to ensure a better collection of clear sound, the best installation position of the CCTV microphone is the ceiling, side wall, or the bottom of the table, but it must be guaranteed that the table is fixed, and these positions are compared with the sound source nearly. Therefore, if it is a classroom, it is best to install it next to the podium, and the best place to install the conference room is the center of the ceiling. If it is the interrogation room of the public security department, get close to the side wall of the prisoner. It is the easiest choice to get clear evidence of sound.



 From this, to achieve a perfect sound monitoring effect, there are many aspects that need to be done, both to ensure that the audio monitor has excellent quality performance, but also to work hard on the installation position, especially in some very important occasions, in order to don't miss the value of the evidence embodied in any word, but also ensure the best position.



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