Some Common Question And Answer About Video Conference Microphone

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As a professional audio surveillance microphone supplier -Sizheng over 10 years in supplying cctv microphone, video conference microphone , audio surveillance and home voice recognition. Maybe you will confuse when you buy video conference microphone, Sizheng tells you some common question and answer about it.


Question: What is the conference microphone and what is the use?

Answer: Sizheng conference Microphone is an audio device for remote video conferencing intercom. In general, you must connect to a computer host or a video conferencing host with a USB interface for audio input and output.


Question: What is the difference between Sizheng conference microphone and KTV microphone?

Answer: Sizheng conference microphone adds a voltage regulator circuit, a frequency selection circuit, a front audio amplifier stage, a noise reduction level, and an echo cancellation algorithm based on the microphone. Therefore, the omnidirectional microphone not only has an audio capture function but also has an audio output (self or external)


Question: What is the choice of the conference microphone installation position?

Answer: Sizheng recommends that the omnidirectional microphone should be installed in the nearest location to the main speaker. If more people need to speak, it is recommended to install in the middle of the conference table.

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Question: What are the video conference microphone cables?

Answer: At present, Sizheng omnidirectional microphone has USB interface for power supply and audio transmission. Products without speaker model have audio output port.


Question: How do you test the omnidirectional microphone?

Answer: The easiest way is to connect the omnidirectional microphone to the computer and open the chat software for voice chat...


Question: What are the classifications of Sizheng conference microphones?

Answer: There are two main types of omnidirectional microphones on the market: self-contained speakers and no speakers.


Question: Is the omnidirectional microphone required to supply power?

Answer: Generally speaking, the video conference microphone does not need extra power (the computer USB port has 5V voltage). Therefore, the USB port that accesses other host devices must also have 3-5V power..


Question: How big is the sound collection distance of Sizheng conference microphone?

Answer: Although the omnidirectional microphone collection distance is large or small, all omnidirectional microphones on the market currently have a collection distance of 3-5 meters.


Question: How long can the conference microphone connection cable be?

Answer: Sizheng conference microphone transmission distance should not exceed 3 meters due to power supply problem.


Question: How to choose the right conference room microphone?

Answer: Although the conference microphones are omnidirectional, depending on the size of the office, the omnidirectional microphone with its own speaker is more suitable for small offices.


Question: Can the conference microphone be used to monitor and intercom?

Answer: The answer is yes. The premise is that the omnidirectional microphone monitoring intercom system device supports USB (USB port with audio input and output with 5V power supply at the same time) or the back end is PC monitoring terminal.


Question: How to solve when conference microphone has a howling sound?

Answer: If the two ends of the intercom are not in the same area (or the same area is close), there are still whistling sounds, then you can basically conclude that the equipment has problems and recommend replacing it.


Question: How to solve there is echo in the conference microphone?

Answer: Undertake the answer to the previous question. If the distance between the two ends is different, there is still an echo. There are many kinds of situations.

1. The speaker is too close to the microphone to cause the tail sound to be removed, and the distance between the two is not clean, pull the distance between the two.

2. Set the echo of the conference microphone with the speaker. The volume of the microphone may be too large, which can be adjusted appropriately.

3 The network delay problem, the echo problem generated by the network delay has no solution at present, and can only improve the network speed or reduce the video quality of the conference system to provide more bandwidth for the audio.


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