The Difference Between Cctv Monitoring Pickup And Guiter Pickup

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  • Time: 2018-11-07

 As a famous cctv microphone manufacturers and supplier, Sizheng has a strong desire to provide various microphone like conference room mic,usb computer microphone and audio surveillance to wide range of users. Today, we would like to tell you some knowledge of CCTV monitoring pickup and guiter pickup's difference.

A pickup is a device for voice pickup, and it also called pickup, monitoring pickups are very different from guiter pickups.


1. Monitoring pickup(CCTV microphone)

Monitoring pickup is composed of cctv mic(microphone) and amplifier(the most basic circuit), it's working principle is to generate a signal by generating a signal by resonating with the sound of the microphone (or other medium) to generate a signal and then amplifying it, the circuit outputs to the output device. It's an electronic device that converts sound to electronic signals and then turns to sound. Generally speaking, the monitoring pickup use three lines or four lines, with positive power, positive audio, ground. Or the audio negative and power negative are separated.

CCTV monitoring pickup

2. Guiter pickup

Guiter pickup are basically made up of magnet and insulated copper coil. The magnet mainly for senses the vibration of the strings and generates a magnetic field. When the strings vibrate, the motion of the flow field creates an alternating current inside the pickup coil. The alternating current flows from the pickup to the loudspeaker. When playing the guitar, the induction current is generated in the coil due to the combination of the pickup and the sound reinforcement. This induced current is amplified and output by a loudspeaker.


From the working principle of the above two types of pickups, we know that although both pickups receive audio signals and amplify them, the principle is quite different. The production process also has this big difference.


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