Embedded CCTV Microphone COTT-C2

  • Pickup Area: 10-30㎡
  • Transmission Distance: 3000M
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20KHz
  • Sensitivity: -45dB
  • SNR: 75dB(1m40dB) 37dB(10m40dB) 1KHz at 1Pa
  • Directional Property: Omnidirectional
  • Dynamic Range: 80dB (1KHz at Max dB SPL)
  • Max Sound Pressure: 120dB SPL (1KHz,THD 1%)
  • Output Impedance: 600~1000Ω non-equilibrium
  • Output Signal Amplitude: 2.5Vpp/-25dB
  • Microphone: KaBoni silvering condenser microphones
  • Microphone Quantity: 1pcs
  • Signal Processing Circuit: DSP, AGC, ALC
  • Protective Circuit: Lightning protection, power supply polarity reverse connect protection, ESD protection
  • Connection Way: 3 leading wires(red power lead is positive wire, white audio lead is positive, black is public wire)
  • Transmission Cable: Telephone wire, network twisted pair, shield cable(pls use shield cable in complex electromagnetic enviroment)
  • Supply Voltage: DC10V~18V (recommend to use 12V, more than 500 meters recommended 15V)
  • Working Current: 20mA
  • Working Environment: -20℃~75℃
  • Color: Silver
  • Housing Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Product Size: 44mm×10mm
  • Weight: 28g
  • Place of Origin: Guangzhou,China
  • Supply Ability: Spot goods
  • Approvals: CE, ROHS, FCC, ISO9001

Product Overview

● COTT-C2 designed for prison interrogation system of synchronous monitoring audio recording.
● Using metal streamline design, high strength aluminum alloy interval technology, reduce unnecessary air vibration.
● KaBoni silvering condenser microphones, within 10-30㎡ in high fidelity, high sensitivity, low noise.
● Completely eradicate external electromagnetic interference, has the strong stickiness, difficult to fade and oxidation, hidden installation advantages.
● Equipped with high-pass filtering noise reduction circuit, effectively reduce the high, low frequency noise of environment and circuit.
● Built-in AGC digital voice noise reduction signal processing circuit, effectively prevent voice signal distortion and attenuation.
● Built-in lightning protection, power supply polarity reverse connect protection, ESD protection and power protection module.
● Long audio signal transmission technology, use the RVVP3 x 0.5mm2 shield cable, it is distortionless within 3km.
● Applies to -20℃~75℃ in the super environmental temperature, to ensure the quality of the back-end high recording effect.
● Integrated ASIC front audio amplifier circuit, direct drive active speakers, DVR, earphone, etc.
● Applicable to the prison, drug rehabilitation center, labor camps,detention house and small room of synchronous monitoring audio recording.


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