How CCTV Microphones Are Waterproof and Riot-proof

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  • Time: 2018-11-09

In some monitoring situations, in order to prevent the monitoring device from being damaged, the monitoring pickups need to be waterproof or riot-proof, well, how are these waterproof and riot-proof CCTV microphone waterproof and riot-proof, then we will introduce their detail for everyone.


Waterproof of cctv audio mic

After water pouring, flooding, rain, and humid air erosion, the sound pickup function of the monitoring pickup will not be damaged.

Generally dealt with in two ways,

Firstly, the waterproof microphone is used to protect the microphone function, because the microphone is open to the outside to collect the sound source.

Secondly, seal design for CCTV microphone, and the internal structure of the pickup other than the microphone especially circuit part but except micro, is completely sealed.

waterproof cctv microphone

Generally speaking, the CCTV microphone will installed in a high place and equipped with a rainproof cover, so the possibility of flooding is not big, and the requirements for moisture prevention are prominent.

Riot-proof of cctv mic

Avoid the damage of the monitoring pickup by malicious violence, resulting in the failure of the pickup function.Generally, the material is sealed on the outer shape of the material.Made of metal material and un-openable design.

The above is an introduction to the question of how waterproof and riot-proof monitoring pickups are waterproof and riot-proof. I hope that after know about them, you can choose different CCTV microphones according to different environments.


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