How To Achieve the Perfect Match Between CCTV Microphone And IP Camera

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  • Time: 2018-12-14

With the increasing use of the IP cameras, more and more audio monitor and IP cameras are being used. Although the audio interface and its schemes of mainstream IP cameras manufacturers are becoming more and more mature, the effect is gradually getting better, and it has gradually become similar to the original DVR. However in daily use, there may be some problems in the use of audio monitoring and network cameras. Sizheng has proposed some methods to solve the problems in order to achieve the perfect match between the CCTV microphone and the IP camera.

1. No sound is recorded on the IP camera

(1) The CCTV microphone is not wired correctly, sometimes the 3.5mm audio interface has mono and stereo differences. It's recommend to connect the two channels of 3.5mm audio head and the audio cable of audio monitoring.

(2) The power supply of the cctv mic is not correct, the CCTV microphone needs power supply to work, generally, it's powered by +12V. It is necessary to confirm weather the audio monitoring is powered. If the power is turned on, the general CCTV microphone has indicators to indicate whether the power indicator is displayed. And directly listen to the cctv mic, it ends for audio output,  and then confirm the recording problem of the IP camera after audio output.

(3) The internal settings of the IP camera are incorrect. The IP camera can set the data stream format to(video stream and mixed stream), and use a mixed stream when using audio. In addition, you need to set the internal audio monitoring switch of the network camera to be on, you can listen to it first, and when there is a sound, try to confirm whether the recording is normal.





2. The IP camera is not effective after recording, there is noisy or current sound.

(1) For the power supply problem of the cctv mic, thecctv mic generally needs to be powered by the linear regulated power supply powered separately. Sometimes, the power supply of the IP camera is easy to cause the ground loop, resulting in a current sound. First, use the external wiring liner to confirm the effect. If it's good, try to use it. If not, look for other reasons.

(2) For the matching problem between the CCTV  microphone and the network camera, the network camera can generally be set to Min in or Line In. Generally, the IP camera needs to be set to line in instead of mic in, and then confirm the effect after confirming the line in.

(3) The IP camera recording parameters setting are set incorrectly. Some IP cameras can set parameters when recording, so first listen to the recording efficiency of the monitoring, wait for the effect to be confirmed and they recorded.


3. The third part -The sound of the IP camera pickup is intermittent.

(1) The network connection is not good, test the problem of network speed, if the network speed is good then check the network cable if normal.

(2) Confirm the use of professional software.





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