How to Add Audio Monitoring Microphone to Existing Monitoring System?

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  • Time: 2019-08-05

First, please make sure that your original surveillance system is an analog monitoring system or a network monitoring system.
1. Analog monitoring system
If it is an analog monitoring system, you need to add a monitoring CCTV microphone. You must first confirm whether the DVR used by the back end of the monitoring system has an audio input. If you have audio input, you can access the monitor CCTV audio mic directly. If the back-end DVR does not have audio input, upgrade the surveillance backend (DVR). It should be noted that the upgraded DVR needs to determine the role of its audio input, whether it is to monitor recording or to monitor intercom. CCTV audio microphone is generally used for monitoring recordings.
2. Network monitoring system
If you are using a network monitoring system, first determine if the IP camera you are using has an audio input. The monitor CCTV mic must be used for simultaneous audio and video monitoring with the IP camera with audio input. If the IP camera does not have audio input, you need to upgrade your camera.
3. The difference between analog and network
For surveillance CCTV microphones, it is an accessory that is attached to the monitoring system. Remember that surveillance CCTV mic is not a separate system. Monitor CCTV microphone can be used as a supplement to video surveillance. There is no difference between the two in the use of monitoring CCTV audio mic, there are certain differences in the connection. Analog monitoring systems generally require the CCTV mic to be connected to the back end (DVR), while the network monitoring system connects the CCTV mic to the network camera (front end).



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