How To Choose the Right CCTV Microphone For Different Enviroment

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  • Time: 2018-09-26

With the development of audio monitoring technology and the advancement of pickup technology, the use of monitoring pickups is now more and more widely used. But many users are still confused about what kind of pickups should be selected in different places, so let Guangzhou Sizheng tell everyone what kind of pickup should be chosen for the place.


1. Bank window/permit window/ counter

Many of the current bank certification windows are equipped with bulletproof glass for security purposes. For the convenience of communication, it is necessary to install the surveillance pickup as a communication medium at the window because of the relationship between the window and the window. They are all close, and the audio monitoring process always needs to use the recording, so many unnecessary sounds are obviously not the object of the pickup, such as the dialogue at the counter next door. Therefore, as a window-type monitoring pickup, a directional pickup can be selected, and a directional pickup can clearly pick up a certain range of sounds, such as a thinker COTT-C1 window pickup, a COTT-S1 window digital pickup, and the like.

Sizheng COTT C1


2. Indoor / conference room / office

Indoors, conference rooms, offices and other places are relatively quiet places relative to other places. In addition to the need to clearly hear everyone's voice, such a place must be able to clearly understand who said it. Therefore, high-fidelity pickups can be selected in the conference room, such as the COTT-C7 high-fidelity pickup, COTT-C8 native pickup, COTT-S2 high-sensitivity pickup, etc. According to the above basis, if space is large, like several hundred square meters. The space, the environment is more complicated, the noise is more, you can choose Sizheng MX-K10 digital noise reduction pickup, MX-K30 dual-core digital acoustic pickup, MX-K40 dual-core digital noise reduction pickup.

Sizheng COTT S2



3. Prison/detention center

The place where the prisoners are held is a serious place. The ordinary pickups can't satisfy such a place. In addition to the necessary high fidelity, riot prevention and tampering are also very important, in order to better pick up the sound within the scope of monitoring. The normal work of the pickup is important because the inmate is a special group, so the above functions are quite important. Such a place can choose Think's COTT-C4 anti-riot pickup, SIZ-180 UFO anti-riot pickup.

Sizheng COTT C4



4. Desktop / Countertop

There are desks in many places such as indoors, conference rooms, offices, etc. In addition to ceiling and wall mounting, the pickups can also be placed directly on the desktop, eliminating the need for installation. Some pickups also have a USB plug, such as this. You can choose Think's COTT-S4 interface digital pickup, etc. If you need invisible installation, you can choose Think's C0TT-C2 embedded pickup, SIZ-pinhole pickup and so on.

Sizheng COTT S4



5. Outdoor

If it is installed outdoors or outdoors, the first thing to consider is whether it can be waterproof, sun-proof and moisture-proof. For example, what should I do in foggy weather? What should I do if it rains? In this case, you can choose Sizheng's MX-K20 digital waterproof pickup, COTT-S8 bolt-type waterproof pickup.

Sizheng MX K20





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