Three Steps to Teach You How to Detect the Sizheng CCTV Microphone

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  • Time: 2019-07-26

Recently, some customers have consulted Sizheng customer service on the back of the monitoring system because of the sound output. The vast majority of these problems are not in the quality of the audio surveillance microphone itself. Because of transmission or back-end interface problems, the resulting output is often distorted or noisy (or even no sound). Here, the Sizheng CCTV microphone summarizes the following three steps from the daily problems that often arise. Simply rule out some issues for you.

The entire monitoring system includes front-end (collection), intermediate (transport), and back-end (output storage). Then if there is a sound problem, it may be a problem in these three links.




First part: exclude the front end

The most straightforward way to test if an audio surveillance microphone has a problem is through front-end testing. Before the CCTV microphone is installed, please connect the CCTV microphone directly to the power supply (note that the audio surveillance microphone is preferably a DC-regulated 12V power supply, it is recommended to use our PW-V10 power adapter) and test it with headphones. There are two things to note when testing the front-end.
1: Never use a switching power supply
2: Do not use the speaker-test (can use headphones)

Second part: exclude the transmission end

In the case where there is no problem with the front-end test CCTV microphone, we can measure whether there is a problem during the transmission. In general, if using cable transmission, we recommend users to use PVR X 0.5 shielded cable. Various problems always occur in different monitoring environments or transmission processes. Use the recommended cable to avoid the trouble of re-drawing. The specific test is as follows: The audio surveillance microphone that has been connected to the audio line is directly connected to the earphone or the speaker without being connected to any other storage device at the back end (note that the access and the power amplifier cannot be connected). There are a few points to note during the transfer process.

1: If your transmission distance is too long, please use PVVR X 0.5 shielded audio cable;
2: Whether a wire trough is used together with strong electricity (wires for daily use) in the process of wiring;
3: Whether there are signal interference sources nearby (such as radio stations, mobile signal transmitting stations, etc.);
4: When the network camera is linked, the audio input on the device is line in input (buy the camera must ask if the manufacturer audio input port is line in or mic in; the CCTV microphone can only access the line in <linear input> interface).



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