How to Distinguish between CCTV Microphones and Microphones

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  • Time: 2019-01-19

The CCTV microphone also called the audio monitor and the voice pickup is a pickup accessory for synchronizing the audio and video recording. The image says: the camera is the eye, and the audio monitor is the ear. DVRs, network video servers, etc. are responsible for digitizing the transmission and storage of sounds and images, while monitors and speakers are used for playback. It could be said that a video without an audio monitor is like a silent movie. The CCTV microphone integrates advanced noise processing, echo processing, and long-distance transmission drive circuits to meet the higher standards and special needs of security engineering, faithfully recording and restoring the scene with its high-fidelity sound quality.

A microphone (also referred to as a mic) is simply a transducer that converts sound into an electrical signal. Then what's the main difference between the CCTV microphone and the microphone. The following briefly describes the difference between the two and you understand the real reason.

The cctv mic is designed for high sensitivity, omnidirectionality, and integrated preamplifier circuitry. Therefore, the audio monitor can be directly connected to the DVR, active speakers, headphones, etc., and the collected sound can be directly released, and the microphone needs to be connected to the power amplifier, because the ordinary microphone is usually oriented and low-sensitivity at a very close distance, just aiming to speak.

On the hardware side, the audio monitor adds a voltage regulator circuit, a frequency selection circuit, and a front audio amplification stage than the microphone, which is why the CCTV microphone requires input power.


In terms of range, the microphone can only expand the receiving range by increasing the sensitivity; the CCTV microphone can expand the listening range by adjusting the power consumption and gain of the product, which gives the cctv mic a great advantage in the adjustment range.

The difference between Line in and Mic in and its use

On our computer sound card, there are generally two interfaces, Line in and Mic in. The translation into Chinese is "linear input" and "microphone input". These two are input ports, but there are still differences:

1. The line in port: This port is mainly used to connect audio signals output from external devices such as electric guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, etc. Since these devices have relatively large output power, they need to be connected to the Line in port for recording. Of course, they are used for recording, to some extent, it can also be called "internal recording" of external devices. Generally, the better the sound card you use, the lower the noise in Line in, and the better the recording will be.


difference between cctv microphone-and-microphone


2. Mic in port: This is used to connect the microphone recording. But the difference between this port and Line in is that it has a preamplifier. In other words, the microphone itself has a small output power, so an external amplification device must be used to amplify the audio signal. This port is for this purpose. Interested friends can try to connect your microphone directly to the Line in port recording... No sound or sound is small? ! The reason is very simple, the signal of the microphone is not amplified, and the natural effect is not good.

3. One important point to emphasize is that external audio guitars and synthesizers must not be directly connected to the Mic in the recording. Because this connection is light, the signal will be severely shaved when recording, and the sound card, hardware type devices will be damaged.



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