How To Test CCTV Microphone

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  • Time: 2018-11-23

Some users have reported that the CCTV microphone connected to the IP camera often have problems in which the sound is unclear or inaudible. The cause of these problems is often not a cctv mic problem. The following we will introduce everyone how to use the exclusion method to detect the existence of the problem...


First point: Front-end CCTV microphone (step)

1. Separate the audio monitoring and the CCTV camera separately to test CCTV microphone
2. In General, most CCTV microphones are three wires
3. First, divide the black line of Sizheng cctv mic into two wires
4. Then connect the red wire+black wire A to the positive and negative poles of the power supply
5. Finally, the white wire+black line B of the cctv mic is respectively connected to the
left and right of the earphone
6. Put on the headphones (speak) to hear if there is any sound, if the sound is normal, the CCTV microphone works normally.


Second point: Test IP camera

Before selecting an IP camera, you must first confirm whether the camera has audio monitor
input (the audio input has two types of MIC IN and LINE IN, please select the corresponding CCTV microphone according to the input mode), and the camera audio input mode of the network camera between different manufacturers in the market is connected to the audio monitoring are different, here is the choice of Hikvision camera as a reference:

1. Take the black cable of audio monitoring into two wires
2. The red wire of the CCTV microphone+the black wire A is connected to the positive and negative poles of the power supply.
3. White wire of cctv mic+ blackline B access to camera's audio input port.

test of cctv microphone

After the wiring is completed, the camera settings are made, although most cameras turn on the audio by default, some of the cameras are turned off, so we must finish the audio setting. First, connect the camera (CCTV microphone) to your LAN

1. Open the computer IE browser and enter the camera IP(each factory default IP is different, please refer to the camera manual).
2. Enter the log account password(each factory default IP is different, please refer to the camera manual).
3. Enter the system interface and click the [Audio] pattern below the video to hear if there is any sound (attention that if your computer (using the speaker) is in the same environment as the camera (CCTV microphone) and the distance too close may be howling, please separate and lower the volume of each other. If the sound is normal that you don't need to do next step.
4. If there is not sound (or abnormal) in the above operation, please click the [Configuration] to enter the configuration interface, click [Configuration] → [Audio Video] → [Video Type] and select [Composite Flow].


Click [Configuration] → [Audio Video] → [Audio] → [Audio Input] Some devices have multiple options, please select the corresponding input mode according to the camera. [Audio Decode] the default is G.711. If there are multiple options, you can try to select the best decoding mode for sound effects. [Save] Go back to the preview interface and click the [Audio] pattern to continue listening. Different camera interfaces may be different and their functions are different. Please follow the instructions of the camera.


Make sure that the camera has audio input through the above settings. If it 's normal, enter the back-end setting. if it's not normal, please know about the camera audio input parameter to ensure that it's input impedance match the CCTV microphone...because CCTV camera has many different brand and model, Sizheng cctv mic...Because the camera brand models are different, Sizheng can't guarantee that all manufacturer's audio interfaces are standardized. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult the camera manufacturer's various audio parameters before purchasing the camera to avoid incompatibility during installation.

Final point: Back-end detection

In the case that it is determined that the various settings of the CCTV microphone and the camera are normal, we can enter the back-end detection to eliminate; generally speaking, the back-end uses NVR or a computer host as storage (control). Different manufacturers have different NVR interfaces, so first check whether the audio output wiring is normal (different NVR audio output interfaces may be different, common BNC, 3.5 and lotus head), and then set the audio according to device manual. Generally, you should be able to hear the sound after setting it up. If it still doesn't work, it's recommended that you replace the back-end device (if both steps one and two are normal, you can only prove that the back-end device is defective).



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