How To Use Poe Power Supply For Cctv Cameras And Microphones

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  • Time: 2018-12-03

What is POE power supply?

POE refers to the provision of DC power for such device while transmitting data signals for some IP-based terminals without any changes to the existing Ethernet Cat.5 cabling infrastructure. POE is also known as a LAN-based power supply system or active Ethernet, sometimes referred to as power over Ethernet, which uses existing standard Ethernet transmission cables to simultaneously transmit data and signal. The latest standard specification for electrical power and maintain compatibility with existing Ethernet systems and users.

Therefore, the premise of POE power supply: there must be a power supply terminal (usually a POE switch). Now, most of the POE power supply device on the market output voltage of DC 48V.


In principle, CCTV microphone can't be powered directly by the POE, because most audio monitors on the market supply by DC 12V, otherwise, CCTV microphone(analog) must depend on network cameras for transmission, so there is not designed to fit the RJ45 socket. Therefore, if you use POE to the power supply the CCTV microphone, you must use some conversion equipment.
POE splitter: the POE splitter is the opposite of the POE power supply and is a device that separates the data signal and electric power.

The current that separates the data from the power again can power the pickup and the data continues to access the network camera. If the separated current is only powered by one pickup, then the meaning of the POE supply is lost, so in order to power the pickup and the camera at the same time, other accessories are required.

Renew power supply for CCTV microphone use the electric current from data and electric separate out, data can carry on access to network cameras. If it only power supply for one CCTV microphone for separate electric power that loss the meaning of POE power supply, therefore in order to power supply for CCTV microphone and IP cameras, it will need other accessories.

Most of the CCTV Microphone are 3-wire on the market, though the above accessories, one complete POE-powered audio monitoring system is formed, the overall wiring diagram is as follows:

poe power supply


Special reminder:
At present, the advantage of POE power supply in the weak current monitoring system is very obvious. At the same time, because of the different effects of the splitter, the partial splitter can't provide a clear power supply for the CCTV microphone during the process of separating the power supply and the signal, which may affect the pickup (problems such as current sound). It is therefore important to use a POE to power the separator.



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