How To Wire CCTV Microphone By Using Interfaces

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  • Time: 2018-12-06

In general, the audio monitor is commonly used in surveillance system or synchronous video and audio recording system, the most common connectors for CCTV microphones (according to the interfaces provided by back-end devices) in daily life including the following TRS interfaces, BNC interfaces, RCA interfaces etc.

Before connector, we need to know about CCTV microphone first. The common cctv mic in the market area three-wire system, which represents red-power positive, white-signal positive, black- ground, first we need to divide the black into two.

1. TRS interface

Speaking of the TRS interface, the average person may not know what it is at first hearing, but as long as the real thing is placed in front of you, people will know what it is.

TRS interface of CCTV microphone

In fact, the most we see TRS interface in daily life, it's connector appearance is cylindrical. It usually has three sizes 1/4"(6.3mm), 1/8"(3.5mm), 3/32"(2.5mm), the most common connector one is the 3.5mm size connector.


The most common is 3.5mm connector, usually, the CCTV microphone is used to connect to the rear speaker or the field test is for headphones. According to the connector (male or female) provided by the device, the corresponding connector is matched to match, no matter how large the size of the TRS interface, the connection all always, it should be noted that part of TRS interfaces are divided into left and right channels, there are three contacts, you only need to connect the positive pole to left or right channel(both is ok), negative connect to negative.

2. BNC interface

The BNC connector is most commonly found in the surveillance area and generally appears on the backend DVR.

BNC interface of cctv mic

Generally speaking, BNC connector uses coaxial cable as the wire, the conductor and the shield share the same shaft joint with a locking design.

3. RCA interface

The RCA connector is also very common in our daily life, basically available on speakers, TVs, DVD players, and other devices. Among the monitoring products on the market, the most common place is the audio input interface on the network camera. The joint name that is more familiar to us in China is the "Lotus Head".


RCA interface of CCTV microphone


Except for the audio interface, the cctv mic still requires a power supply, generally, the audio monitoring is connected to a DC12V liner power supply.



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