In order to contain and crack down on crimes and reduce financial risks, banks need to effectively and reliably monitor important locations and business places to enable video recording of audio and video materials at those important locations.

In response to the current situation of public security and the security status of the province's banks, the Hubei Provincial Association has strengthened the audio and video surveillance of the monitoring system in various banks in the province, and has been affirmed and highly appraised by banks at all levels in the province.

At present, although TV monitoring has improved from analog to digital technology, the management method has not undergone qualitative changes, and it still stays in the single-point management stage. Its drawbacks are reflected in the following aspects: First, monitoring by business outlets Self-management, due to personnel quality and lack of management energy, equipment failure can not be found in time; second, the distribution of outlets is wide, it is not convenient to refer to the call recording; third, the image data cannot be uploaded automatically after the alarm, the focus is on post-mortem verification; The video data can be directly processed, the relevant personnel at the grassroots network can delete the information, and even the so-called "objective reasons" can be used to disable the video; the fifth is due to the human resources restrictions and job rotation of the grassroots organizations. The number of personnel who have mastered the management process and technology of monitoring facilities has increased, and the operational risk of monitoring facilities has increased.

In the Hubei Provincial Bank Reconstruction Project, the Guangzhou Sizheng original sound CCTV microphone COTT-C8 was used as the front-end recording equipment, in the cash-increasing room, business hall, ATM machine, self-service, there are several audio pickups installed in the room, which are compatible with video and audio recording. COTT-C8 has strong pickup sensitivity and excellent noise reduction effect. It is specially designed and developed specifically for financial similar occasions, the effect of the pre-test is recognized by the bank; in the future when the audio and video needs to be played back, Sizheng brand original sound CCTV microphone COTT-C8 can guarantee the clarity of the recording.

How to use the already mature information technology to connect closed and scattered single systems into an efficient monitoring system through the network, fundamentally solve the shortcomings of single-point management, realize the network monitoring network of the whole jurisdiction, and make the monitoring quality and efficiency really improved, becoming a focus of bank security technology prevention work.

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