"Intelligence" Makes Sound, "Intelligence" to Create the Future.

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  • Time: 2019-08-22

"Intelligence" makes sound, "intelligence" to create the future. The Alliance enters Sizheng technology exchange and learning activities. Alliance enterprises visiting learning activities are also better practicing the "rule of law alliance, integrity alliance"


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On August 16, 2019, Mr. Liu Yu, President of Guangdong Security Communications Alliance, led nearly 40 entrepreneurs from the same industry in Guangdong Security Communications Alliance to enter Guangzhou Sizheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and the Legal Alliance to send the Constitution (Revised ) to the activities of the company.


In this theme: "Intelligence" makes sound, "intelligence" to create the future, alliance into the Sizheng technology exchange and learning activities, Mr. Chen Hong, the general manager of Guangzhou Sizheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., introduced all the visiting alliance companies the development history of Sizheng Technology and the company's business philosophy, also personally introduced the three business sectors of Sizheng Company: security monitoring audio (audio surveillance microphone), video conferencing system(conference room mic), and Homesen smart home. Let all visiting affiliates have a more intuitive understanding of the various product features of Sizheng Technology. At the same time, the alliance companies also visited the product showroom of Sizheng Company and went to the product experience area to experience the comprehensiveness of Sizheng's smart home system. The visiting alliance companies also visited the production workshop and aging workshop of Sizheng Company to further understand the quality control stability of Sizheng Technology's products.


As a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, Sizheng Technology is bold, innovative, and strives for progress. The technology precipitation and accumulation in the past 10 years have enabled the company to have rich experience in the audio industry and extend from the original monitoring audio field to the video conferencing system and smart home field.  At present, the “COTT” audio monitoring brand audio surveillance microphone that has been launched by Sizheng has been favored and affirmed by the majority of users. The hardware video conferencing system launched under the brand “SIZHENG”  conference call microphone will continue to adhere to the concept of thinking and provide users with more diversified choices; The Homesen brand series focuses on intelligent speech recognition, creating a new smart home that re-creates a new way of life and works with innovative technology.




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