With the rapid development of modern education, this year's university campus crimes have occurred frequently. Nowadays, campus security has become a hot issue of high concern to the society. Effectively solving the problems existing in current campus security and ensuring campus security has become an important part of creating a safe society.

The major universities in Jiangxi Province attach great importance to campus security issues and begin to implement the transformation plan for the monitoring system. Among them, Jiangxi University of Science and Technology wants to realize audio and video synchronization monitoring at the entrance and exit of the school to better serve the entire security system. Everyone knows that the entrance to the school is a densely populated area with a relatively noisy sound, which requires high levels of monitoring clarity and sound collection quality.

The security monitoring system engineer recommends that the digital noise reduction CCTV microphones of the work brand be used, and the high-definition camera of Hikvision can be used when conditions permit. High-definition video surveillance can provide high-resolution images up to 1280*720, and the recorder can record in real time to ensure the comprehensive synchronization of audio and video in the surveillance system.

Jiangxi University of Science and Technology appointed Sizheng as the main supplier of CCTV audio mic, using Hikvision surveillance cameras. The outdoor surveillance on campus mainly uses high-definition cameras and waterproof audio surveillance microphone to ensure that the monitoring equipment can adapt to the weather changes and ensure 24/7 monitoring.

All colleges and universities in Jiangxi believe that the campus security system is comprehensive, can strengthen the school safety management, maintain the normal education and life order of the school, ensure the safety of teachers and students, create a safe, stable, civilized and healthy environment for the construction of socialist harmony. A basic work of creating conditions for the first good zone of society.

The renovation of the monitoring system of Jiangxi University of Science and Technology adopts the system scheme of audio and video synchronous monitoring, installing surveillance cameras and CCTV microphones in various important places on and off campus, effectively solving the problems existing in current campus, ensuring campus security.

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