Nine Tips For Voice Monitor To Avoid Noise

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  • Time: 2019-01-11

CCTV microphone, the most common place in life is to use with the camera to achieve audio and video synchronization. It is also common in a variety of musical instruments and music equipment. But sometimes some cctv microphones often produce noise, and then we need to have a audio monitor to avoid noise. The following small series will explain the nine tips for the audio monitoring to avoid noise.

Tips for CCTV microphone to avoid noise

1. If the audio cable is connected to another audio device, disconnect it and connect it directly to the normal active speakers for the Walkman headset/computer for testing. If the noise disappears, there is no problem with the audio monitor head itself, check the connected audio device or other aspects.


2. Check if the noise is caused by the self-excitation of the sound: the monitor speakers must not be too close to the monitor head, try not to test in the same room. Due to the high sensitivity of the monitor head, the sound of the speaker feedback to the microphone of the monitor head will inevitably cause the sound to whistle. The same room needs to be monitored and the headphones can be used.

3. It is best to use separate wiring when wiring, do not use the same cable trough with strong electric power such as AC and try to stay away from strong electromagnetic interference equipment such as transformers and lamp rectifiers. Use the 3X0.5RVVP shielded cable can also effectively avoid external interference, which requires the shield to be grounded at one end.

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4. It is strictly forbidden to connect the monitor head to the microphone (MIC) input of the sound card, mixer, amplifier, etc., otherwise, the device may be damaged. This is because although the inside of the monitor head also includes a microphone, it also includes circuits such as amplification, noise reduction, and echo processing, and the output is a "LineOut" audio signal of 1 Vpp or more.


5. Some video monitors come with speakers, but they may not work well. Please use high-quality headphones or active speakers for monitoring.


6. The integrated sound card on some computer motherboards is of poor quality and can cause serious noise when recording. Please use the high-quality independent sound card of brands.


7. Check if the volume of the monitor head sound gain potentiometer or the amplifying device is adjusted properly.


8. Some models of DVR only focus on video processing and ignoring audio processing may result in poor sound quality for simultaneous recording. Please disconnect the DVR first, then directly connect to the audio cable with high-quality headphones or active speakers. If the sound quality is good, you can determine that there is no problem with the quality of the monitor head.


9. If it is confirmed that the noise is from the environment, you can use the Sizheng power adapter to effectively filter the environmental noise.


The above is a brief introduction to the cctv mic to avoid noise. Through these nine tips, we believe that you can make the audio surveillance better to avoid noise and better apply it in your life.



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