Portable All-in-one Video Conference Camera

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  • Time: 2019-09-06

VC-HD110ADU It is a high-definition portable audio and video integrated machine developed by us; it integrates video camera, conference call microphone and speaker in an integrated portable design, which is very suitable for personal, family and business applications.


1. Single USD cable connection for 1080 HD quality and high fidelity audio experience
2. 1/27 inch HD color HD COMS, 2.1 megapixel, HD 1080P@30fps realistic video quality.
3. 105° wide viewing angle ensures you can see everyone during call.
4. 360° omnidirectional microphone, the best pickup range is 2.5-4M.
5. Built-in 2W high power speaker, AGC automatic gain control to ensure smooth audio output.
6. Support HIFI mode.
7. USB free drive plug and play, compatible with Windows / Android / Linux operating system.
8. Seamlessly compatible with mainstream software video conferencing system in the industry.



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