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In our daily life, security always an important part for home, workplace and other different environments, it can protect our safety and provide the main evidence for many cases.

Now, most CCTV cameras only have the video but not sound surveillance cause many times security system can’t provide key details. So audio surveillance products start became the indispensable device in different environments that’s why we committed to development and research the audio area for many years, we already can provide the great audio surveillance products for your requirements.

CCTV microphones, conference microphone and smart voice recognition switch are three types of sound products in Sizheng, audio surveillance microphone also called the audio monitor, security camera microphone, CCTV microphone is one kind of audio monitoring device, it used in surveillance systems, connect with CCTV camera that used to achieve audio and video surveillance synchronization. It’s big progress for security lead to many people want to install this equipment within their surveillance system to arrive the best influence of safety. Especially in banks, courts, hospital and law enforcement authorities, people more likely the device for synchronizing voice with image. Then, conference microphone are generally used in video conferencing systems to pick up people's voice in a meeting, to achieve the effect of a remote conference and record meeting. Along with the development of society, video conference becomes more and more commend, hard video conferencing accessories also popular in conferencing. Smart voice recognition switch for smart home, with the sound you speak that you can control some switches and appliances in your home. Where there is a sound there is Sizheng, we insist our principle from the company established, devoted to developing new products and creating more monitoring products that are more suitable for the security industry.

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