South China Agricultural University, the key project uses more than 100pcs latest COTT series (MX-K10) professional advanced digital noise reduction CCTV microphones for classroom audio and video monitoring projects, weak current integrated wiring system, digital monitoring system, public broadcasting system, the surrounding wall alarm system, has won praise for its excellent international quality.

The monitoring project of South China Agricultural University is mainly used for campus monitoring, it's used for the monitoring of the dining hall and the examination room. The area of the dining hall and the examination room is about 200 square meters. The dinner time of the dining hall is quite noisy, the sound is mixed. Sizheng new version MX-K10 advanced digital noise reduction CCTV microphone has a maximum pickup area of 300 square meters and is adjustable, which is most suitable for a large area. The MX-K10 advanced digital noise canceling audio monitoring and automatic noise recognition noise reduction voice pickup are designed for use in complex environments. MX-K10 advanced digital noise reduction CCTV microphone adopts KaBoni advanced digital noise reduction MEMS silicon microphone, high fidelity and noiseless within 10-300 square meters; built-in automatic adjustment of high-intensity sound and lightning protection, power polarity reverse connection protection, ESD protection and power supply protection module; ultra-long audio signal transmission technology, using RVVP3 × 0.5mm2 shielded cable to transmit 3 km without distortion. MX-K10 advanced digital noise reduction audio pickup is the high-end product of Sizheng company and it's the latest research and development product, and its function and quality have won the recognition of customers.

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