In recent years, judicial misjudged cases have been repeatedly exposed and corrected, and most of these unjust and false cases have been corrected by the people's courts according to law, which shows how important the court plays. The occurrence and correction of unjust and wrongful cases is the greatest compromise to fairness and justice. The courts that are fair and just incarnation are also the biggest damages. Therefore, it is strictly prohibited to prevent illegal investigations such as extorting a confession by torture, avoiding false and wrong cases, and major cases. Fully conduct interrogation of criminal suspects throughout the entire recording and video recording, and gradually expand the scope of the case for audio and video recordings, and finally achieve audio and video recording of all criminal cases.

Recently, Sizheng Technology cooperated with the judicial monitoring projects of several high-level institutes in Guangdong Province, and provided hundreds of COTT brand surveillance CCTV microphones to promote the full implementation of ¡°recording and video recording of all criminal cases interrogation process¡± with cost-effective products and high-quality services. To protect the fairness and justice of the judiciary.

With the increasing emphasis on the criminal case interrogation process, audio monitoring products are gradually becoming popular in the market. In the face of huge market demand, Sizheng Technology provides multi-size and multi-type audio monitoring equipment, including high sensitivity and high fidelity, digital noise reduction and other features, can meet any technical parameters. Sizheng Technology COTT brand CCTV audio microphone built-in lightning protection, power polarity reverse connection protection, ESD protection and power protection module; integrated professional automatic noise recognition processing technology and AGC and DTS noise reduction signal micro-processing circuit; ultra-long audio signal transmission technology. It adopts RVVP3¡Á0.5mm2 shielded cable transmission; integrated ASIC front audio amplifier circuit directly drives active speakers, hard disk recorders, headphones and so on.

Sizheng Technology COTT brand monitoring CCTV microphone meet the requirements of judicial monitoring, and can realize simultaneous recording and recording of interrogation to ensure the quality of law enforcement and safeguard the justice of the judiciary. With the tenet of providing users with the most practical needs, Sizheng Technology will enrich products and enhance competitiveness, and provide more choices for recording and recording of all criminal cases. 

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