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The Omnidirectional Microphone is a portable conference phone product that not only enables high-quality Internet teleconferencing over the Internet through a computer interface; but also a speakerphone and microphone hands-free calling device via a headphone jack, for high quality wireless mobile conference calls. 
Sizheng is a leading video conference microphone manufacturer and supplier in China. Conference room microphone as part of video conferencing accessories, it provides the clear speech for the meeting, conference call microphone equipped with high-level sound processing technology, including high-performance adaptive noise suppression, echo cancellation, reverberation processing, and automatic gain processing technology. During the meeting, you can distinguish between vocals and noise, suitable for small and medium-sized conference. Sizheng triangulation multi-level dynamic noise reduction processing algorithm, industry leading noise cancellation technology, highlighting vocals, provide a no whistle HD call for video conferencing. Seamless connection, perfect compatibility, perfectly compatible with windows system and Mac OS system host; plug and play, no drivers required; achieved conversation only needs simple connection. 
Conference Microphone sound picks up range has omnidirectional duplex, extra large range, up to three meters radius, 360 degree omnidirectional wide range pickup, one device can arrive whole demands in the meeting room. Our USB conference microphone has high processing ship, digital processing technology to provide lossless digital signals to the back end; unique algorithm to fully optimize chip processing speed; ensure that voice communication is not stuck. Conference microphone can connect to external active speaker or earphone, like HP-DK200, 3.5mm audio output interface, directly connector to active microphone or earphone. All of conference connection is very simple, microphone connect to PC host (conference terminal) via USB cable, audio directly connected to the active speaker. You will not regret products like USB conference microphone because of our reliable service. Meeting microphone’s style is classic and easy to carry, the microphone pickup direction can be selected according to the conference scene, which is suitable for use in conference rooms and offices.

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