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With the continuous advancement of social processes, and gradually moving toward an information society, good information transmission and communication has become an indispensable factor for social development. As a new type of communication tool, video conferencing has shown a good development trend in recent years with its “immersive” visual remote communication method. Nowadays, with the improvement of network conditions, video conferencing has gradually become the “standard” of major enterprises and institutions, and gradually expands to a wider field.

Demand role
The establishment of video conferencing system can eliminate time and space differences, realize remote communication anytime and anywhere, bid farewell to the cumbersome traditional conference mode; replace the flow of personnel through the Internet, realize the steady transmission of video and sound images, and achieve efficient interaction of remote information. The purpose is to make it impossible to travel; use video conferencing to optimize information communication mode, speed up information transmission, shorten decision cycle and execution cycle, reduce time cost, save cost of internal training, recruitment, meeting, etc.; apply video conferencing system later, while increasing revenue and reducing expenditure, it can also improve overall operational efficiency, reduce travel expenses, communication fees and other expenses, and achieve green office; the voice communication of video conferences not only satisfies people's communication demands, but also effectively alleviates frequent travels and goes to various places. Participation in the meeting will add a green color to life. The rapid and effective communication of a complete video conferencing system is of great benefit to the leadership in handling emergency operations.

Software and hardware
The simplest network video conferencing system consists of two parts, the server and the client (the main conference site and the conference point).

The hardware part includes the display screen, the conference host (the computer host with the video conference system installed), the conference room microphone, the speaker, and the routing (switch).

Software part: The complete set of video conferencing software includes a server and several clients. The server can be installed on the server (computer host) of the main site, and the client is installed on the host of the branch site. Thanks to the attention of the country's Internet, many manufacturers have also launched their own video conferencing hosts. Now there are many video conferencing hosts available in the market.

The video conference host (computer mainframe) is mainly used to connect the video output device such as the display (television, projector) to the host through various connections. At the same time, Sizheng meeting microphone and camera input devices are connected to the host computer, as the collection of scene images and sounds. Remote audio and video interconnection is realized through a router (switch).

According to the user's own needs and the actual situation of the network speed, the user can select the resolution (resolution) of the camera. As a conference system, sound is more important than the picture. This makes the microphone technology requirements even more demanding. As a microphone for video conferencing, it is not only necessary to have an omnidirectional and large-area sound collection range, but also has an echo suppression capability. So in order to give you a high quality video conference, we recommend you to use the Sizheng conference room mic.


Sizheng conference room microphone is an audio device developed for video conferencing systems. In addition to the omnidirectional and high 3 meter acquisition range, it has strong ability to suppress echo. 



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