What Are The Conditions For A Good Video Conferencing System?

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  • Time: 2019-04-25

The video conferencing system is closely related to hardware, software, and network. The actual situation of each enterprise is different, the required video conferencing system is not the same. It should be comprehensively analyzed and communicated with conference room microphone supplier to select the most suitable video conferencing system.

Video conferencing systems are now more widely used, and more and more video conferencing products are available. How do we choose the right video conferencing system? Below we briefly introduce the video conferencing system guide:


 First, the system should be able to operate safely, stably and reliably

 The video conferencing system is a very real-time system, and at the same time, it has a high level of confidentiality when transmitting information. Therefore, when organizing a conference, the system is safe, stable, and reliable to operate as the most basic requirement.

 Security means that the organizer of the meeting has the highest administrative authority for the meeting. Without the approval of the meeting organizer, no user can log in to the meeting, including the system administrator. The meeting administrator can easily see the information of any person attending the meeting. To ensure that the meeting information will not be leaked;

 Stability means that the conference is a continuous process. The conference has its own unique program, any intermediate interference will directly affect the quality of the conference. Therefore, the video system should have high stability to ensure the whole process of the conference.

video conferencing system of work


Second, the system should have strong environmental adaptability

The video system is designed for long-distance transmission, so the conditions of data transmission determine the working condition of the video system. Due to strict video system requirements, continuous and real-time data transmission requirements, in computer networks, various data transmissions are ever-changing. For video systems,

On the one hand, it requires excellent voice sound, absolute voice, clear image, no mosaic and abnormal phenomenon;
On the other hand, it is required that the video and audio data packets should not be too large, and that the data should be transmitted in real time. This contradictory and unified relationship puts high standards on the video system.

Therefore, the adaptability of video conferencing systems to computer networks becomes extremely important. In addition to advanced technical means, its own anti-interference ability is stronger than that of general systems. In the case of network data transmission peaks, especially viruses interfering, it should absolutely ensure that the small audio signal data is continuously and preferentially transmitted in real time, and the large video signal data can be continuously transmitted, or the packet can be discontinuously transmitted, but relevant processing technology is required to ensure that no mosaic or abnormal phenomenon occurs.

In addition, due to the rapid development of IP networks and video and audio equipment, various access networks and device drivers are infinite. Therefore, the system adapts to various network access and uses more video and audio equipment, which is also an important indicator to measure of the adaptability of the video system environment.


Third, the system should have complete functions

As the name implies, the video system is a system that provides video and audio services. It not only has to carry video conferencing tasks, but more has other video and audio services. Therefore, it has video conferencing, video teaching, video on demand, live video or Broadcasting, remote TV on demand, remote video telephony, remote video surveillance, and other service functions are considered a true video system.


Fourth, the system should have good compatibility

The video system should have good compatibility. In addition to the compatibility of its own version upgrade and the product's front-end features, it also has the interoperability with the audio and video signals of other brands, to ensure that users do not waste the image resources used in the past and maximize the resources of other brands in their hands.




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