What Cable Should Be Selected For CCTV Microphone

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  • Time: 2018-11-16

Today's audio surveillance systems are mainly divided into analog monitoring and network monitoring. Monitoring often involves wiring problems. What kind of cable is used has a great influence on the audio transmission.


In the attitude of being responsible to the user, the suggestion given by Sizheng CCTV microphone are

1. Analog Monitoring of CCTV Microphone

Transform the original analog monitoring design. According to the distance of the wire, audio monitoring within 50 meters can use ordinary cables.

When the transmission distance is long, it is recommended to use a 2-core or 3-core shielded cable. Although the Sizheng CCTV microphone (high-end series) ensures long-distance (3KM) transmission without distortion. However, the loss of the ordinary cable and the various interference problems of the environment may cause various unpredictable problems if the cable is improperly selected.


Ultra-long distance recommended using an optical transceiver

2. Network Monitoring of CCTV Mic

Network monitoring systems generally use ordinary network cables. In the case of cameras that are more than 150 meters away from the switch (router), it is recommended to use a light solder wire.

Users who choose to walk the solder must pay attention to the choice of cameras with optical soldering interfaces when choosing to purchase network cameras. If you have already purchased, you can add a solder register in the middle. Optical soldering can also be used.


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