What Is 3.5mm Conference Microphone (HP-DK30)

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  • Time: 2019-03-22

What is 3.5mm conference microphone (HP-DK30)

Perfectly compatible, plug and play
Standard 3.5mm audio male without any driver, compatible most of PC hosts and part of laptops

Omnidirectional microphone, oversized range

Large diaphragm anti-jamming omnidirectional microphone, 360°2M Pickup distance,make communication more convenient


Unique appearance

Say goodbye to the same look, full of stylish diamond design, let the comference microphone get a more comprehensive pickup
Metal protection mask, electrophoretic coating process, non-toxic,environmentally friendly,uniform color
Food grade polyethylene base,piano paint, wear-resistant and fadin
Anti-oxidation plating joint, delicate workmanship, ensure signal lossless

hp dk conference microphone


No-slip base

Environmentally friendly car interior black mature rubber base, raster graphic design, solid and reliable.despite a smooth slope of 35 degrees,there is no need to worry about the slippage of the product


Standard Interface

Standard 3.5mm anti-oxidation plug,1.5m transmission line, DK30 conference microphone meet a variety of computer desks to ensure sound quality without loss of transmission


In general, DK30 3.5mm computer microphone is one of the essentials on the computer desk, video conferencing at work, entertainment in gameplay.



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