What Is USB Computer Microphone

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  • Time: 2019-03-14

Pleasing to the heart, passing happiness, Sizheng 360 degree HD USB computer microphone (HP-DK40), great working, entertainment, leisure, game language equipment.
Powerful performance, noise reduction core
Active noise reduction chip with SiZheng Triangulation multi-level dynamic noise reduction processing algorithm
Provide high-definition audio input for the back end
High-order microphone core
Large diaphragm anti-interference omnidirectional microphone 360 degree wide range of sound
Super 3 meter radius pickup distance, making speech more free
high sensitivity usb microphone
Flat design, unique and stylish
Metal round edge design, electrophoretic coating process
Simple shape, strong wear and never fade
High-end USB cable
USB comference microphone has high-quality solid wire interface for extended service life
Anti-oxidation metal joints, effectively avoiding rust and affecting the use effect
Multiple colors for you to choose from
Local gold, pearl white, meteorite black, silver moon
No need to drive, plug and play
USB microphone perfectly compatible with Windows / Mac OS
Some Android / Linux systems (requires built-in USB driver with microphone setting option).



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