What Is Video Conferencing System

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A video conferencing system refers to individuals or groups in two or more different places, through transmission lines and multimedia devices, make video and file data are transmitted to each other to realize instant and interactive communication, achieve system equipment for remote conferences. The use of video conferencing is a bit like a phone call, in addition to being able to see the people you talk to and communicate in language, you can also see their expressions and movements so that people in different places can communicate in the same room.


As the most advanced communication technology, video conferencing can realize high-definition remote conference and office with the help of the Internet. It has unique advantages in continuously improving user communication efficiency, reducing the cost of travel expenses for enterprises, and improving management effectiveness. Partially replaced business travel, becoming the latest model of telecommuting. In recent years, the application scope of video conferencing has expanded rapidly, from government, public security, military, courts to science and technology, energy, medical care, education and other fields, covering all aspects of social life.

video conferencing system

The general video conferencing system includes MCU multi-point controller (video conference server), conference room terminal, PC desktop terminal (conference camera, omnidirectional microphone), display device, multimedia speaker, computer and other parts. A variety of different terminals are connected to the MCU for centralized exchange to form a video conference network. In addition, the voice conferencing system allows all desktop users to participate in voice conferences through the PC, which is derived from video conferencing.


The video conferencing systems currently on the market can be divided into software video conferencing systems and hardware video conferencing systems.
Software video conferencing is a video communication method based on PC architecture. It mainly relies on CPU to process video and audio codec. Its biggest feature is cheap, open and easy to integrate software. However, software video needs to be improved in terms of stability and reliability. Video quality generally cannot exceed hardware video systems. Its current market is mainly concentrated in individuals and enterprises. Governments and large enterprises are gradually beginning to accept it.


Hardware video conferencing is a video communication method based on embedded architecture. It relies on DSP+embedded software to realize video and audio processing, network communication and various conference functions. Its biggest feature is high performance and good reliability. Most of the high-end video applications use hardware video type.



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