Which Parameters Will Determine the Quality of Video Conferencing

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Conference cameras are professionally used in video conferencing, hospitals, nursing homes, lecture halls, remote applications, business communications, multimedia video classrooms, and more. Satisfied with the use of existing networks to hold far various needs for project meetings, remote training, business communication, video recruitment and personnel education. Enables users to interact with audio, video, and data over the network, achieve the function of modern office and remote conferences on the network. With the rapid development of urban construction, our video conferencing market is welcoming the development of video conferencing truly become a daily information communication device. The information communication tools must be separated from the professional model to achieve integrated development. Therefore, in the long run, it is not just a phased trend in the development of the video conferencing industry, it is to mature as the industry develops.

Video conference camera purchase analysis

With the popularity of video conferencing, video conferencing cameras have received more and more attention as an indispensable device for video conferencing applications. However, since most ordinary users it is not known, and the current market for conference cameras is so complicated that many users are at a loss. How can I purchase the products I use? Users should start with the following points:



Resolution is the ability of the camera to resolve images. It has a direct impact on the effect of the image. The resolution can be generally divided into two types: photo resolution and video resolution. just the resolution at the time of capture and the resolution at the time of dynamic picture capture. In the practical application of video conferencing, the resolution of the camera is generally higher than the resolution of the video. Resolutiona of video conference camera on the market can be given are also different, so be careful when purchasing them, some resolutions refer to the interpolation resolution that these products can achieve with software, but there is still a certain gap in hardware resolution.


conference television



Pixel value is an important indicator that affects the quality of video conferencing cameras, and it is also an important indicator to judge its advantages and disadvantages. The pixel values ??of the early products are generally around 100,000, due to technology, the content is not high, and it is now on the verge of elimination. Users should pay attention to it when purchasing, but blindly considering pixel values ??is also unnecessary. Because the pixel value is higher the ability of the image is also stronger, and its ability to process data on the computer is also required. If the computer configuration is not high enough, it will cause a delay in the picture, which will affect the video conferencing transmission. Therefore, users should consider their own equipment when purchasing products, and do not blindly pursue the trend.


Omnidirectional microphone (Conference microphone)

The conference microphone is an important part of the video conference. The camera depends on the image, the microphone depends on the sound quality, and the Sizheng microphone uses digital AEC audio technology to eliminate the echo. Inside the mic, there is a noise-reduction microphone to ensure no whistling. The fidelity of the sound quality in the video conference is guaranteed.



High data transfer without a USB interface is not acceptable. In the actual use of video conferencing cameras, there will be a large amount of data transmission, which should be noted when purchasing. USB data transfer the high speed determines the application of video conferencing cameras. The high-speed transmission of USB data breaks the bottleneck of large-scale data transmission of image files, making the computer receive data more quickly, making the dynamic image is smoother, which is very important for the conference. In addition, USB port products have always been widely accepted by computer users with plug-and-play and easy to use.
The video conference camera adopts a USB interface, which is convenient for hardware detection and installation.


About video conferencing

Video conferencing also known as conference television, video conferencing, etc., can realize real-time transmission of information such as moving images, voice and application data (electronic whiteboard, graphics) between two points and multiple points. Suitable for teleconferences, remote interviews, small-scale discussions, etc. 



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