The Reason Why There Is No Sound When the CCTV Mic Connect to the IP Camera

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  • Time: 2019-06-28

According to feedback from some users, there is no sound after the CCTV audio mic is connected to the IP camera. In fact, there are many brands of CCTV microphones and IP cameras. Not all network cameras match the CCTV audio mic.

When the CCTV mic is connected to the IP camera and there is no sound, don't worry if there is any problem with the device. We can find out the reason why the CCTV mic is not connected to the IP camera by the following steps.

1: Be sure to determine if the IP camera audio input is: LINEIN (linear level)
2: If the LINE audio input port is determined, check if the power supply of the CCTV microphone is normal, and check if the CCTV microphone is connected correctly.

cctv audio mic

If the above two are certain, the sound quality recorded by the network camera is still very blurry or no sound?

3: First check, the CCTV mic audio signal output connection, the general network camera audio input connector is 3.5 headphone connector, then the corresponding CCTV mic audio signal cable, it is necessary to transfer to 3.5 headphone connector.
4: It should be noted that although you are connected to the 3.5 headphone connector, the 3.5 connectors, it is divided into dual channels and a single channel, that is, stereo and mono, check if your 3.5 connector is dual channel or single channel.
5: If the confirmation is mono, then the positive pole of the CCTV audio mic is connected to the positive pole of 3.5, and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole. If you are in a dual channel, then there will be a three-core cable, the negative of the CCTV audio mic is connected to the negative pole of 3.5, and the positive pole is connected to the other two cores corresponding to the 3.5 connectors, which are the left and right channels.
6: Another situation is that some brands of network cameras now have audio input: LINE and MIC input, that is, an audio input port, he may be left channel is LINE right channel is MIC, In such a case, the left and right channels can't be connected together with the positive pole of 3.5, and they must be connected separately. For example, the negative pole is still connected to the negative pole, and the positive pole is connected to one of the 3.5 joints, and then the sound is normal. If it is not normal, another audio cable is connected. It is not possible to connect the left and right channels in parallel, and it is also prohibited to use the mono 3.5 connector. Be sure to use the dual channel connector.

Remark: 3.5 connector is an international standard interface. If there are two black wires on the headphone connector of 3.5, it means a dual channel interface. The two black wires are actually insulated rings. The topmost part of the 3.5 connectors is stereo left. The channel, the middle of the insulating ring is the right channel, and the root is the negative pole or ground. If it is a mono 3.5 connector, the opposite is that you can only see a black insulating ring, that is, the tip is the positive pole and the root is the negative pole!



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