As people's requirements for security continue to increase, the application of audio monitoring is becoming more extensive and deeper, and the scale and scope of audio monitoring are also expanding. The customers of Xinxing County, Yunfu City, propose to construct a highly cost-effective, high reliability and high ease of use and high-performance audio monitoring equipment to ensure the safety of the court, so Sizheng monitoring CCTV microphone became the first choice of Xinxing People's Court of Xinxing County, Yunfu City.

After the People's Procuratorate of Xinfu County of Yunfu City purchased the first high-fidelity CCTV audio mic with the COTT-C7 model, the Xinxing County Xinyun People's Court of Yunfu City also purchased a batch of 56 sets of Sizheng COTT-C7 from Sizheng, Sizheng COTT-C7 models of high-fidelity CCTV microphone have been successfully applied in court projects.

Sizheng COTT-C7's high-fidelity CCTV microphone features high fidelity, high sensitivity, low noise, etc. It effectively reduces the serious echo of the empty room by using the echo cancellation cavity, providing clear and high-quality audio signal output, and built-in the latest DNP and DSP digital processing unit can completely eliminate the hissing electronic noise. It is a design and monitoring CCTV mic product designed for the synchronous monitoring and recording of the public inspection industry. It has super cost-effective and is the first choice for synchronous recording and recording by the public inspection method.

Sizheng CCTV microphone monitoring equipment can be fully applied in the following business of the court: 1: remote trial; 2: remote communication; 3: case discussion; 4: video interview; 5: executive command; 6: centralized control center.

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